Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UpDate on LIttle Bit

Little Bit is still in FOSTER CARE and is waiting on the new system to open so she can find a FOREVER FAMILY. I hope to get new pictures soon when Lou goes to pick up Essie. These are the last two sets of pictures of the BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSA. Please keep her in your prayers as well as the LUCKY family that hope to adopt her someday....who ever they may be! No one knows how referrals will go if and when they ever re open. I am just praying that no matter how they go...I will know where Elizabeth goes home to! We love you sweet girl and you are always in our hearts and on our mind. The first three pictures were eary summer...LOOK at that ROUND FACE. the last two pictures were taken in MARCH. I love seeing how much she has filled out and she looks so HEALTHY. I know her Foster Family LOVE her so much...I am sure they are caring for her with no pay....just LOVE!

I was so HAPPY to see her in this outfit. This outfit is one of the ones I took down to her and to me it just says ELIZABETH...
By the way the outfit is a 6 month size...and the sleeves are rolled up...looks like she is still "little bit" to me
Hello PEOPLE....I am just down her in Guatemala TWIDDLING MY THUBMS....waiting on my FOREVER FAMILY....PLEASE GUATEMALA let me go the USA someday SOON

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My thoughts today about Little Bit

Little BIT...I am thinking about you tonight. I want you to know that YOU ARE LOVED...and NOT JUST A LITTLE BIT.

MY heart breaks today....just the thought of What will happen to Little Bit if the government does not find a way to work with the attorneys for these babies left behind?

I have to stick with the KNOWLEDGE I have that GOD has a PLAN for Little Bit and that she will be where he knows she needs to be....that is what I have to hold on to.

For now all I can be is her VOICE....and I am going to be the LOUDEST CLEAREST VOICE I CAN BE FOR HER.

Besos and Sweet Dreams.....Little Bit

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Little Bit

My FAV pic of them SMILING

Granna C saying Goodbye to Little Bit
Sleeping Beauty
Little Bit always HOLDING your hand

Ok this hat was 0-3 and was WAY TO BIG...and YES she had to have a BUNNY

More Little Bit of Stardust in my DREAMS

little FOOT
Poo Bear Princessa
Little Bit Gets a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH at the DR's office
Oh little bits EARS are SO CUTE!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The TRUE PRINCESSA in her Princess Gown

Baby DOLL...You will always be in our hearts and we will be praying for you while we are away. We are so happy you have a WONDERFUL foster family that Love and Spoil you and make you the Princessa that you are...Our Little Wild Cat Little Bit Elf Princess....besos to you sweet baby girl.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Princessa Arives

We have not had internet until tonight when we moved to GC....So I will post a few pics of us meeting Little Bit...Little Bit weighs 8lbs and is TINY...compared to MOOSE Jagger. She is very sweet and Loving ....she holds your hand when you feed her....but she can scream like a WILD CAT...Its so funny to hear that voice come out of that LITTLE body. She does not like hats but loved when we dressed her in dresses...she would just SMILE and TALK when she got all dressed up. Ok PICTURES

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Holding Out Hope for a Little Bit

This is the STORY of a GIRL. A precious baby girl that is holding my heart in her hands....and we are reaching our arms far and wide to give her the gift of HOPE!
I call her Little Bit. She is one of the many babies in Guatemala that are stuck right now...between the new and old way of doing adoptions in Guatemala. This situation these children have been put in hurts my heart so much. There are so many questions that no one can answer right now and we do not know if she will ever be adoptable...but then again there is HOPE. We are praying that God's plan and path for Little Bit will be with a Forever Family. I will be telling more of the story of Little Bit as the days go by. Without further ado, its my pleasure to introduce Princessa Little Bit!!!


and Please stay tuned....more pictures will be posted from Guatemala starting on WED!!!!