Thursday, January 24, 2008

More Little Bit of Stardust in my DREAMS

little FOOT
Poo Bear Princessa
Little Bit Gets a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH at the DR's office
Oh little bits EARS are SO CUTE!


Kerri said...

What a doll!
Kerri and Ruby

jkay said...

that passy is almost the size of her face!! she is such a cutie, I will continue to pray for her and you!

Katie said...

She is amazing and beautiful !! She looks so much like Kya Bwooo in these pics !!

Mary Ann said...

Oh my !!!!! What a sweetie pie!!!
You have yourself 3 little Beauties!!

Mary Ann

Emily said...

She is precious. Will hope with you.

Little Bit's Granna C said...

Oh, Baby Girl, we miss you so much! You are just so adorable. You're our Elf Princessa!