Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Little Bit

My FAV pic of them SMILING

Granna C saying Goodbye to Little Bit
Sleeping Beauty
Little Bit always HOLDING your hand

Ok this hat was 0-3 and was WAY TO BIG...and YES she had to have a BUNNY


Katie said...

She is the cutest little peanut EVER :)

ManyBlessings said... that picture of them smiling!

Janet said...

She is a a stunning little thing.

Donna said...

She is so sweet and so little. Hugs and prayers to you all, saying good-bye is always so painful.

Marlene said...

She is the prettiest baby I have seen in a long time. Your heart must be broken not to be holding both of them right now. Are you adopting both of them?

Cherrie said...

What a pair of cuties!! As much as I chuckle at the pictures of "Moose," when I look at Little Bit, my heart just tingles. She is such a sweet angel. How lucky you are...hope you have a quick paper chase with both of the them. Kya will be in 7th heaven when they come home.
Cherrie in PA